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Burial at Sea Options

Many people today are considering having their cremated remains (ashes) spread at sea.  Cemetery prices today are so expensive.  By the time you add up the individual charges for the plot, opening & closing, liner or upgraded vault, headstone, endowment care you end up paying several thousand dollars to the cemetery.

Consider Burial at Sea or Scattering of Ashes at Sea.

$1495 Body Burial at Sea
$1495 Body Burial at Sea
Everything is the same as you wish except instead of driving to the cemetery for burial, you come aboard our watercraft and watch your loved ones casket placed into the waters of Puget Sound. It is legal and in regulatory compliance, Eco-friendly, green and affordable.
$45 Scatter Ashes at Sea
$45 Scatter Ashes at Sea
The ashes are scattered in the waters of Puget Sound.
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